A cross-platform notification engine

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ActionScript Notification Engine

A powerful cross-platform notification engine.


M6D is a notification engine built on top of Adobe AIR. With a very simple interface, you can drop it into your own desktop AIR project and use it to deliver messenger-style notifications to your users! Think Growl, but for all platforms :)

This project was first mentioned in my blog post at


Project M6D Magnum Sidearm


M6D supports the following features...





To use the library, simply drop in the SWC (or the source) into your project and follow the patterns below...

// create engine with default settings
var notificationManager:NotificationManager = new NotificationManager("/assets/style/dark.swf",               // default style
                                                                      "/assets/m6d-magnum-sidearm-50x50.png",   // default notification image
                                                                      "/assets/m6d-magnum-sidearm-16x16.png",   // default compact notification image
                                                                      "/assets/sounds/drop.mp3"               // (optional) default notification sound
                                                                      NotificationConst.DISPLAY_LENGTH_DEFAULT,  // (optional) default display length
                                                                      NotificationConst.DISPLAY_LOCATION_AUTO);  // (optional) default display location

// now that we have an engine, let's create a notification and show it
var notification:Notification = new Notification();
notification.title = "Derek ► Jacobim";
notification.message = "What is this?  A center for ANTS?!";
notification.image = "/assets/images/profile/derek/avatar.png"; = "";
notification.isCompact = false;
notification.isSticky = false;
notification.isReplayable = true;

// we can also show notifications quickly using this API too"Derek Zoolander Foundation", "Now open!", "/assets/images/dzf-logo-50x50.png");

You can also change the engine's default settings on the fly too!

// let's change the default images, display length, and display location
notificationManager.defaultNotificationImage = "/assets/images/dzf-logo-50x50.png";
notificationManager.defaultCompactNotificationImage = "/assets/images/dzf-logo-16x16.png";
notificationManager.displayLength = NotificationConst.DISPLAY_LENGTH_SHORT;
notificationManager.displayLocation = NotificationConst.DISPLAY_LOCATION_TOP_RIGHT;

// we can even change the style and sound settings on the fly too!


You can find the full ASDocs for the project here.

Special Notes

Note on Assets

There are assets included in the project under the path /src/main/actionscript/assets/. However, since library projects cannot include assets that aren't embedded, these will have to be included in your main project and referenced accordingly. That is, if you try and reference them from the location in the library project, it will fail. You must put them in your own containing project alongside your own assets and reference them as you do your other assets. This includes all non-embedded images, sounds, and stylesheets.



The ActionScript Notification Engine (a.k.a. Project M6D Magnum Sidearm) is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.